Twin Oaks Computing and aicas Team Up to Deliver Realtime, Distributed Solutions

Design West, San Jose, CA, USA – Monday April 22, 2013

Aicas and Twin Oaks Computing announce a new partnership to provide Twin Oaks Computing’s CoreDX DDS Data Distribution Service Middleware on aicas's JamaicaVM hard realtime Java-based platform. The integration of CoreDX DDS with JamaicaVM has been verified and is now available on a wide variety of operating system and CPU combinations. The low latency interprocess communication of CoreDX DDS complements

JamaicaVM runtime's deterministic, low latency and low jitter execution. Multithread, multiprocessed, and distributed realtime applications can now be developed using the DDS open standard, the Java programming language, and legacy code. Both JamaicaVM and CoreDX DDS are widely used in time-critical and mission critical applications including defense systems; aerospace; transportation; industrial control; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA); and other applications.

James Hunt, CEO of aicas GmbH said, “We are excited about the combination of JamaicaVM with CoreDX DDS middleware. Developers now have solutions for virtually any combination of multithreaded, multiprocessed, and distributed systems. DDS enables transparent integration between heterogeneous CPU architectures, and independence of distributed component implementation. Providing our developer community with verified middleware further reduces their implementation risks.”

Clark Tucker, CEO of Twin Oaks Computing, agrees: “The partnership of aicas and Twin Oaks Computing
brings Java users higher performance and lower latencies, while lowering overall product development costs and reducing project risk. Twin Oaks Computing is excited to introduce the DDS standard to new users.”

About Twin Oaks Computing
Twin Oaks Computing, Inc. is a company dedicated to developing and delivering quality software solutions. We build the software that collects, manages, and distributes information in a wide range of industries. Our software is in use around the world, supporting critical missions. Super-small and blazingly fast, our flagship product, CoreDX DDS is the leading Publish-Subscribe Data Distribution Service middleware available for small footprint and embedded systems. For more information, please visit

About aicas
aicas produces Java development and analysis tools for realtime and embedded systems. Headquartered in Karlsruhe Germany, the firm has been serving the marketplace since 2001. The aicas group provides products and services for the military/aerospace, industrial automation, automotive, robotics, medical devices, consumer POS, financial, and general embedded computing markets.

JamaicaVM, the flagship product of aicas, is a hard realtime Virtual Machine incorporating leading edge deterministic garbage collection for running realtime Java programs using the Real-Time Specification for Java(RTSJ) extensions and any of the standard Java classes. JamaicaVM is available for 32bit and 64bit CPU architectures and for singlecore and multicore systems.

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